In response to the current didactic deficit the DIDO project will develop a suite of continuous professional development resources for teachers, trainers, mentors and counselors that address the didactic needs of professionals who work in a range of diverse workplace learning environments. There is a broad consensus that “teacher/tutor quality” is the single most important variable influencing learner achievement (Teachers Matter, OECD, P3).

DIDO will help to ensure that quality learning experiences are available to all learners and that the learning outcomes essential for growth, prosperity and inclusion in the evolving European labour market can be achieved through quality workplace learning.

The DIDO project will offer a new and innovative contribution to the field of VET pedagogy that is not reflected in current initial teacher training or within the resources available for the continuous professional development of VET staff. The key element of workplace learning that the DIDO project will address is ensuring quality in workplace learning environments by improving the capacity of teachers, trainers, mentors and counselors to respond to the demands of training provided on the job.

To conclude with, DIDO is a genuinely innovative project that looks to equip workplace teachers, trainers, mentors and counselors with the necessary skills to provide quality VET in the modern workplace.