It is a common belief that about 1/3 of global food production is wasted every year; that is, 1.3 billion tonnes of food based on data from the UN Food and Agricultural Organisation, and the knowledge that this situation may even worsen in the future. 

The “Don’t Waste Our Future” project believes that the huge quantity of food wasted every year is above all a concrete obstacle to the global fight against hunger and poverty. The two year EuropeAid project “Don’t waste our future! – Building a European alliance of youngsters against food waste and for new models of sustainable development and consumption in the EYD 2015” aims to contribute to concrete behaviours change of young generations, who are “today and tomorrow” consumers and future decision makers. In addition to that the project will contribute to strengthen a common sense of active European citizenship among young people and it will encourage them to build formal or informal alliance to take actions against food waste. CARDET participates in the project as a partner, along with FELCOS Umbria (project lead partner – Italy), University of Glasgow (UK), Agios Athanasios Municipality (Cyprus), Oxfam Italia (Italy), Associacao in Loco (Portugal), FPMCI (Italy), FAMSI (Spain), ACR (Belgium), Passerelle (France) and Comune di Foligno (Italy).

In the context of the “Don’t waste our future!” project, partners will develop material that will be used for the implementation phase. CARDET is now in the process of appointing five Primary and five Secondary Schools which will participate in all the phases of this project. CARDET, within the framework of the “Don’t Waste our Future” project (, organized a number of activities in order to support schools engagement. In other words our organization along with the support of secondary schools teachers, Experts and Agios Athanasios Municipality implemented 4 didactic modules with an average participation of 40 students per school. These modules were focused on a variety of topics such as food waste at local, national, European and global level, sustainable development and new forms of sustainable and responsible consumption and lifestyle. These modules will be completed before our participation in EXPO 2015. The activities hepled teachers, students and Local Authorities to identify concrete actions to reduce food waste and to adopt new sustainable and responsible lifestyle. In addition, the project aims to improve critical understanding, responsibility and agency of young European citizens in relation to sustainable development at a local and global level. It is also notable that teachers and students from Cyprus participated along with Local Authorities Representatives, Experts and CARDET in EXPO 2015. In the context of this Forum, participants had the opportunity to elaborate with participants from other European countries the “Don’t Waste our Future Charter 2015” a joint European Manifesto of Young People and Local Authorities to promote Food Waste Reduction and the global Right to Food. Moreover, participants participated in round table discussions in order to present common or distinctive ideas between the territorial charters. CARDET participated in the Forum on 21st and 22nd October 2015. This was arguably once in a life time opportunity! Young people, teachers and Local Authorities representatives acquired new experiences through their participation in EXPO 2015 in Milan, Italy thanks to “Don’t Waste Our Future!” project.